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Friday, October 10, 2014


Last Call to register for Munshi's GP Crash Course 2014.
Its less than a month to the A Levels! 

Learn powerful strategies and actionable tips to boost your GP grades & get a turbo-boost as you sprint the last stretch triumphantly to the finish line :)
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Friday, January 10, 2014

General Paper Essays, GP Tips, GP Tuition

General Paper Essays, GP Tips


Umar Munshi here, GP Tutor and enthusiast!

General Paper is essential for JC and pre-uni students as it develops and hones analytical thinking ability as well as the skill in expressing analyses in writing. In addition, GP is very commonly the differentiating factor between students competing to get into popular Universities & Faculties.

Enjoy General Paper, embrace knowledge and wisdom - read and read some more. The internet is full of interesting articles and commentaries that make for valuable GP Essay content.

I strive to assist students by posting links to relevant news (General Paper related) on social media and my GP blog (see GP Resources below), and directly help students to improve their GP skills through my group GP Tuition sessions every weekend. 

GP Tuition in small focus Groups

Batch 1 starts February 2014, followed by Batch 2 in March and Batch 3 in May. Fees are @ $220 monthly. Due to time constraints, I can only accommodate a maximum of 80 students.

Sms/whatsapp me at 81390519 to enquire or register.

Due to limited vacancies, please register early.

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